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Poetry of Place: Dublin

 Poetry of Place: Dublin
 John Wyse  Jackson

 Pages: 150pp
 ISBN: 978-1906011-23-9

 Area of interest: Ireland
 Genre:  Poetry

 Date of first publication: 2008
 Eland publication date: October 1, 2008
 Price: £6.99

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Stuff Dublin into your coat pocket. The perfect companion for a visit to the Fair City, or indeed to any inn, bar or café in Ireland.

Some of the greatest writers in the English language were born in Dublin and every corner of the city has links with the written word, made explicit in this far-ranging collection. From Oscar Wilde to Rudyard Kipling, from Jonathan Swift to WB Yeats and Samuel Beckett: the city of Dublin has enchanted and inspired some great poetry.

Latest in a growing set of romantic city-break destinations; including Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Venice and London.Dublin is a top visitor destination, especially for those of a literary bent. This is a perfect doorway into the city's heart and soul.

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