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Golden Earth

 Golden Earth
 Norman Lewis
 Travels in Burma

 Pages: 296
 Format: Paperback
 ISBN: 978-0907871-38-5

 Area of interest: Burma
 Genre:  British Abroad, Travel

 Date of first publication: 1952
 Eland publication date: July 1, 2003
 Price: £12.99

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Despite communist incursions and tribal insurrection, Norman Lewis describes a land of breathtaking natural beauty peopled by the gentle Burmese. This is a country where Buddhist belief spares even the rats, where the Director of Prisons quotes Chaucer and where three-day theatrical shows are staged to celebrate a monk taking orders. Hitching lifts with the army and travelling merchants, Lewis is treated to hospitality wherever he stops in this war-torn land, and reveals a country where ‘the condition of the soul replaces that of the stock market as a topic for polite conversation'.

  • biography of Norman Lewis
  • extract from Golden Earth

    "Norman Lewis's wonderful travel book Golden Earth, the best ever written about Burma."
    New York Review of Books

    "It will lure toward Burma almost anyone who reads its ninety thousand words. I met a man once in Mandalay who had been going to Borneo; he had booked his hotel and a boat trip up the river. But then he happened to read Golden Earth."
    Simon Winchester, Traveler

    "A truly great travel writer, perhaps the greatest we have."
    Ian Thomson, Sunday Telegraph




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