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'Thank God for Eland, a publishing house still producing books for the right reasons. It is the most exotic of bazaars, a place of wonder and magic, where every corner and alleyway contains secret treasure. Travel its pages, explore its many titles, and you will discover worlds beyond worlds.' - Jason Webster

'Eland have carried the torch for travel writing when other publishers with less stamina might have flagged by the wayside. Or for that matter thrown up or passed out. As a result they have a stellar list and an enviable record of gold medals.' - Hugh Thomson

Between River and Sea: Encounters in Israel and Palestine
by Dervla  Murphy

Dervla Murphy describes with passionate honesty the experience of her most recent journeys into Israel and Palestine. In cramped Haifa high-rises, in homes in the settlements an...more

The Living Goddess: A Journey into the Heart of Kathmandu
by Isabella Tree

In a small medieval palace on Kathmandu's Durbar Square lives Nepal's famous Living Goddess – a child as young as three who is chosen from a caste of Buddhist goldsmiths to watc...more

Dark Journey: The Legend of Kamelya and Murat
by Irfan Orga

Almost half a century after the death of Irfan Orga, author of the highly acclaimed cult memoir Portrait of a Turkish Family, his son, Ates Orga, opened an old attaché ca...more

Stamboul Sketches: Encounters in Old Istanbul
by John Freely

Throughout the 1960s, John Freely explored the alleys, hidden corners and monuments of Istanbul, in between teaching, to create a legendary guidebook with Hilary Sumner-Boyd. Bu...more

A Place Apart: Northern Ireland in the 1970s
by Dervla Murphy

At the height of The Troubles, Dervla Murphy bicycled to Northern Ireland to try to understand the situation by speaking to people on either side of the divide. She also sought ...more

Transit of Venus: Travels in the Pacific
by Julian Evans

With the potent myths of the Pacific Ocean in mind, Julian Evans journeys ever deeper into a world of gin-clear lagoons, palms and sand, in search of both remnants of the fabulo...more

The Tomb in Seville
by Norman Lewis

In 1934, Norman Lewis and his brother-in-law Eugene Corvaja travelled across the breadth of Spain on what turned out to be the eve of the murderous civil war. Commissioned by hi...more

Against a Peacock Sky: Two Years in a Nepalese Village

For two years in the early 1980s Monica Connell lived as a paying guest of Kalchu and Chola in the Nepalese Himalayan village of Talphi. Gradually she was accepted as a membe...more

The Scorpion-Fish
by Nicolas Bouvier

On an unnamed island that can only be Ceylon, the traveller checks into his 117th rented room, abandoned by his lover, almost broke and feverish. A book on Indian insects d...more

On A Shoestring To Coorg: An Experience of Southern India
by Dervla Murphy

This is the first travel book that tested the idea that a five-year-old daughter makes for a useful international travelling companion. Together Dervla Murphy and her daughter ...more

An Empire of The East: Three Journeys Into Indonesia
by Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis was eighty-three years old when in 1991 he embarked on a series of three arduous journeys into the most contentious corners of Indonesia: into the extreme western e...more

Paris: Poetry of Place
by Hetty Meyric Hughes

Whether you are a backpacker from Idaho on your first visit, or a cultural swallow on an annual migration to Paris, this pocket book is packed with poetry to intoxicate and...more

A Month by the Sea: Encounters in Gaza
by Dervla Murphy

Over the summer of 2011, in her eightieth year, Dervla Murphy spent a month in the Gaza Strip. She met liberals and Islamists, Hamas and Fatah supporters, rich and poor. Used t...more

Voices of the Old Sea
by Norman Lewis

A Sunday Times Book of the Month

In the late 1940s, Norman Lewis settled in a remote fishing village on what is now the Costa Brava in Spain, relishing a society w...more

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