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Eland is home to a Poetry of Place series, which was deliberately designed as a small, cheeky younger sister to our series of classic travel books. Poetry of Place are opinionated, cheap and passionate, a crib book for the spoken word, a chap-book for the half-remembered patch of quotable verse that will enliven a picnic, a visit to the pub or the odd half hour nursing a coffee, or awaiting train, plane or partner.

The series began in-house with 'Desert Air' and 'London', but began to be noticed when serious writers rose to the challenge of condensing a lifetime of knowledge into a pocket book. The revered poet Antony Thwaite contributed 'Ruins of Time', followed by A.N.Wilson's 'England' and Glyn Pursglove¹s 'Rome'. Whilst in the creation of the volumes on 'Venice' (by Hetty Meyrick Hughes), 'Istanbul' (by Ates Orga), 'Dublin' (by John Wyse Jackson) 'Voices of Arabia' and 'Andalus' (both by the learned Anglo-American Arabist Ted Gorton), the editors succeeded in camouflaging their own undoubted expertise and scholarship behind their enthusiasm, offering up to the world fresh translations, sharp opinions and new discoveries.

Recent titles have been assembled by such multi-taskers as John Lucas (a poet, professor, publisher and jazz-player) who edited 'Isles of Greece', Michael Peyron (an Anglo-French professor and historian of North Africa) who collected together 'Berber Odes' and Mary Miers (a writer, conservationist and architectural historian) who created 'Highlands and Islands'. These were followed by 'China; city and exile' by the young Sinophile travel writer, Alex Munro and 'Tuscany & Umbria' by the Anglo-Italian polymath Gaia Servadio.

Collectively it is now clear that lifetimes of knowledge, travel and enthusiasm have been funelled into these deceptively small pocket books.

Paris: Poetry of Place
by Hetty Meyric Hughes

Whether you are a backpacker from Idaho on your first visit, or a cultural swallow on an annual migration to Paris, this pocket book is packed with poetry to intoxicate and...more

Poetry of Place: Complete Set (USA and Rest of the World)

At the moment we have all fifteen of our titles in print and available. We can offer you this complete set for £60, a discount of over 30%. Next year we will wop this price up a...more

Poetry of Place: Complete Set (UK)

At the moment we have all fifteen of our Poetry of Place titles in print and available. We can offer you this complete set for £60, a discount of over 30%. Next year we will w...more

Poetry of Place: Tuscany & Umbria
by Gaia Servadio

Gaia Servadio is an Italian writer, long settled in Britain, who has retained a passionate relationship with her motherland and those who have expressed this in verse. The cast ...more

Poetry of Place: China: City & Exile
by Alexander Monro

Gathers poems about four of China''s venerable cities - Chang''an (now Xi''an), Luoyang, Beijing, and Hangzhou. To the Chinese, the city was a depiction of the Confucian ideal o...more

Poetry of Place: The Isles of Greece
by John Lucas

For travellers through the Aegean from Odysseus onwards, the Greek Islands have proved to be places of beauty and enchantment, but also of violence, of love and death. Isles...more

Poetry of Place: Berber Odes
by Peyron Michael

The Berber tribes of the mountains of Morocco are one of the great and inspiring survival stories of our times. They have occupied their mountain homelands since before the daw...more

Poetry of Place: Highlands and Islands

There are few landscapes in the western world more bewitching than the mountain glens of the Scottish Highlands and the scattered islands of the Hebrides. The beauty of this reg...more

Poetry of Place: Arabia

Even before Islam, poetry was at the heart of Arabic culture. It developed wherever Arabic came to be spoken, from Damascus to Fez, Baghdad to Cairo, as well as in the Arabian ...more

Poetry of Place: Dublin
by John Wyse  Jackson

Stuff Dublin into your coat pocket. The perfect companion for a visit to the Fair City, or indeed to any inn, bar or café in Ireland.

Some of the greatest writers in the En...more

Poetry of Place: Rome
by Glyn Pursglove

All roads lead to Rome, the eternal city, the centre of Christendom, the lodestone of the pilgrim and the artist, the seat of the only Empire that has ever succeeded in uniting ...more

Poetry of Place: England
by AN Wilson

The patriot's song book, which includes such rollicking word-smiths as Hilaire Belloc, G K Chesterton, Rudyard Kipling and the lyrics of Gilbert and Sullivan. Memorable, funny,...more

Poetry of Place: Andalus
by Ted Gorton

The idea of Moorish Spain captures the modern imagination, with its tales of knowledge shared across the borders of medieval Islam and Christendom, and of courts resounding to t...more

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Poetry of Place: Istanbul
by Ates Orga

Istanbul, capital of two great empires, confluence of Asia and Europe, has called forth poetry throughout her long history, from paupers and sultans, natives and visitors al...more

Poetry of Place: The Ruins of Time
by Anthony Thwaite

The broken gate of a rocky citadel, the ivy-clad ruins of a Gothick tower, tottering temple columns haunted only by owls and the jungle-entombed traces of a vast trading city – ...more

Poetry of Place: Venice
by Hetty Meyric Hughes

La Serenissima: once seen, never forgotten, particularly by poets. There is something about the buildings, bridges, canals and courtyards of Venice which seems to whisper pr...more

Poetry of Place: London
by Barnaby Rogerson

London's poetry ranges from the up-beat rap of Benjamin Zephaniah to Wordsworth's dawn sigh over the beauty of Westminster Bridge, from half-charred lines of Anglo-Saxon to yest...more

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Poetry of Place: Desert Air
by Barnaby Rogerson & Alexander Munro

A pocket-sized collection of all the favourite verses that have inspired desert travellers. From Coleridge's Kubla Khan to Shelley's Ozymandias, through James Elro...more

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