Bookaid International
Originally known as the Ranfurly Library service, when postwar British libraries were ransacked for gifts for new start-up African schools, it has steadily grown in scale, ambition and professionalism but yet kept to its original passion. “If education is the road out of poverty, books are the wheels needed for the journey” - Bookaid sources, selects and delivers to where they are needed most. 

Child Hope
Feel confused about whether to give to beggars when you travel? But why not give to ChildHope as well. They support projects in India, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Brazil and eight other countries, giving shelter, education, health care, training and legal support to children living and working on the streets. Thousands of children, some as young as six, would still be working as prostitutes, wrongly imprisoned, raped, scared, alone and ignored without their work.

Education Action International
Formerly known as the World University Service. One of the few surviving institutions from the old League of Nations. Works with people affected by conflict in their home countries (ore refugee camps) providing support for basic education, literacy and employment training.

Education For All Morocco
Small but well organised British-Berber association to help educate girls from rural Morocco.

Medecins sans frontieres
On the side of the angels and born in France, MSF provides emergency medical relief where it is most needed, currently deployed in about 80 countries. One of the few medical charities that is genuinely free from any governmental or political manipulation. They have a scheme where you can provide a regular monthly bank order in return for receiving a concise annual report - and no further postal appeals.

Water Aid
An international organisation that is exclusively concerned with providing safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene to those who do not possess them.