Cultural tour specialists

A personal selection of the leading specialists in Cultural Tours, where the history, archaeology, music, art and architecture is brought alive by expert lecturers. Groups tend to be between a dozen and two dozen, tours between five days and a fortnight in length. 

Cambridge-based with its own well-established bedrock of clients who are content with simpler, slightly cheaper hotels. 

Wiltshire-based with a strong leaning towards Roman remains, pre-history and archaeology. 

Jon Baines
Specialist cultural & medical study tours , spiced with comparative religion, cookery. Hands-on cultural immersion - plus a useful sideline in golfing holidays. 

Eastern Approaches
Based in the Scottish borders, run by an archaeologist who has dug in Afghanistan, Iraq and Central Asia. 

Culture with an additional emphasis on walks, food, opera and a slightly younger client profile. 

Martin Randall
The brand leader but also usually the most expensive; especially reknowned for their own music tours down the Rhine and Danube and cruises through the Eastern Mediterranean. 

Peter Sommer Travel
A British-based operator, specializing in taking small groups on expert led cultural tours into Turkey, Greece, and Italy, as well as gulet cruises along these shores.

Special Tours
Affiliated with the National Art Collection Fund and other charitable organisations which helps give their groups their own flavour. 

The Traveller
Well established operator, which initially worked exclusively with the British Museum, but is now entirely independent.