Africa & Asia Venture (AV)
Established in 1993, has now sent over 5,000 volunteers onto community, conservation, sports coaching and teaching projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  They offer group based community projects from 5 weeks to 5 months, including designated travel time and an invisible safety net of support throughout for volunteers from around the world. 

Site specializing in the rent, subletting and swapping of rooms for students and younger people.

‘Creating a better world, one couch at a time’ – the site of a not-for-profit organisation with a million worldwide members interested in offering (and then perhaps themselves receiving) simple accommodation for passing travellers.

A site that helps stream individual volunteers towards specific destinations, projects and project leaders.

Home Exchange 50+
Site dedicated to arranging Home and Hospitality swaps for the over 50s and holiday rentals for all.

Ideas, flights, gadgets ( and adds) around the gap year. 

Site full of gap year advice and tips for further research. 

MindmyHouse / HomeSitters / HouseCarers
These three sites are aimed at an older age of travellers, connecting house sitters and house-owners. 

Organisation that has setting up placements for volunteers since 1972. 

Original Volunteers
Good site to experiment with volunteering with short week-long placements, from around £80 a week, with straight forward flight advice.

The Hospitality Site
Online hospitality exchange organization. 

Unique Irish Hostels & Unique Irish Experiences
Passionately researched list of 120 Irish hostels, run by a family from Maine.

Site that offers up a few hours work a day with specific hosts in exchange for board and lodging.


Work, travel and live with the locals - all for free!

World Heritage
Site for the hosting of foreign students.

A useful guide to volunteering - living and working abroad