Journals & Newspapers

Arts & Letters Daily
An extraordinary (but dangerously addictive)  free daily service, clipping its way through hundreds of newspapers from home and abroad,  radio stations, columnists, blogs and book review pages.

The Browser
Fascinating weekly summary of news. Includes a weekly feature where current authors are interviewed about five seminal books.

The world's most elegant and informative magazine about Turkey, Anatolia and Ottoman culture.

London Review of Books
opinionated fortnightly newspaper that grew out of the cultural death of the Times newspaper during the 1979 lock-out. Leading exponent of the essay length review, be it of books, writers, politics or contemporary issues. Also runs fabulous independent bookshop in street opposite British Museum 

The London Magazine
leading bi-monthly literary journal 

Slightly Foxed: The Real Reader’s Quarterly
Dedicated, highly independent quarterly book guide run by ex-editors from John Murray, directed at The Real Reader and bursting with enthusiasm for books. 

The Times Literary Supplement
Invaluable broad review with only a slight wiff of academia about it, tends to have smaller, more tightly focused reviews than the LRB. Now stapled so that it doesn't fall to pieces in the train. 

The New York Review of Books 
Bannered as 'The premier literary-intellectual magazine in English language.' Sort of half way between the LRB and TLS (and featuring many of the same writers) but with a breezy trans-Atlantic confidence that happily strays into broader cultural themes, so you get television, cinema and theatre. Also has a truly wonderful list of literary classics.