independent & specialist publishers

Alma Books
Preceded by the Hesperus Press, Alma Books focus on the publication of translated fiction. 

American University in Cairo Press
Everything about Egyptian history, art and politics but also innovatve publisher of Egyptian fiction. Also run small bookshop chain within Egypt.

Angel Books
Specialist literature list, especially strong on German and Russian writers in translation.

Arcadia Books
Focus on 'world writing' in all its myriad forms… 

Asian Educational Services
Dedicated independent publisher, based in New Delhi and Madras that reissues books about the history, travel and langauge of India. 

Bennett & Bloom
Specialist publishers for the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Bitter Lemon Press
Bitter Lemon specialises in publishing 'the best crime and romance noirs from faraway places', including Saskia Noort's 'The Dinner Club'.

Black Dog Publishing
Infusing style into every stage of the publication of their illustrated books, Shoreditch based BDP cover a wide range of non-fiction subjects. 

David Godine
A wonderful, and eclectic literary list, as if the old Harvill list have been resurrected in the United States. 

Original English language fiction in paperback – often with a surrealist-gothick-decadent whiff to it. 

Desert Winds
Publish Tom Sheppard's immaculately researched and photographed travels across the Sahara by vehicle.

The Dovecote Press
Dovecote has just set up its own paperback division, Little Toller Books (run by the daughter). Dovecote was started back in 1974 in a barn overlooking the water meadows of Wimborne Minster with a string of Dorset titles, but (some two hundred titles later) it is spreading its wings, to the extent that it has just published John Julius Norwich’s memoirs.

Top notch literary magazine and general literature list, strong in translation work.

Haus Publishing
Specialising in biography and travel, Haus publish a multitude of accounts of people who have changed the world, or have merely traversed it… 

Dedicated specialist on Islam, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa. 

London’s leading academic publisher for the Middle East but also strong in film studies and general politics and history list.

Latin America Bureau
Society for Latin America Studies.

Melisende Publishing
Scholarly publisher specializing on architecture, religion and culture of the lands of Islam & the Middle East.

Orient Longman
Business name for 'Permanent Black', a versatile, innovative publishing house set up in India in the year 2000 but already with an impressive backlist of 200 books and established as India's most prestigious academic imprint.

Persephone Books
Fittingly named after the Greek goddess of the Underworld, Persephone re-publish fiction predominantly written by women during the inter-war period. 

Elegantly produced literature list – especially strong in European writers.

Reportage Press
New publishing house specialising in books on foreign affairs. 

Distinctive family-run publishers above wonderful bookshop in Westbourne Grove. Middle East, new fiction, history and politics. 

Short Books
Innovative new general list publisher with additional list of short biographies. 

Signal Books
Signal Books produces a refreshing mix of innovative travel guides and cultural studies.

Snow Books
Snow Books publish a considerable breadth of titles ranging from women's literature to martial arts via illustration, all tied by the Company's strong commitment to style and presentation. 

Sort of Books
The small general list par excellence, publishers of Men & DogsDriving Over Lemons & Gabriel Zaid’s So Many Books.

Tomorrow's Books
Insider book information from author Anthony Gardner, who doubles as Editor of the Royal Society of Literature.